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Our agency is proud to present to all clients Inessa, the new queen escort Dubai. Inessa hit us immediately when she showed herself naked in front of us and showed her pussy with light hair. Inessa loves to have hair on her pussy to be different from the other girls and has proved to have an enormously sensitive clitoris that she likes to stimulate during all her sexual activity. Inessa immediately discovered she has a super-sensitive clitoris and likes to stimulate him before or during a sexual relationship by rubbing herself on the erect penis of her client until she reaches the maximum orgasm and screams of satisfaction. For her, penetration is just an altruistic gesture to give pleasure to the client, while for her, rubbing and clitoral orgasm is her way of having fun while making money. Inessa loves her pussy being stimulated with oral sex in foreplay, either by licking her pussy or by hot 69, then closing her foreplay, reaching her orgasm rubbing. On some occasions, she can also spread cream or honey on the cock before rubbing, to give a different flavor to orgasm, and to excite the client in an innovative and spicy way. If you are looking for a kind girl, who loves to have an orgasm and to please you any way, then choose Inessa and her clit!Inessa loves informal meetings at restaurants, and a place like Gartine is perfect for getting to know you and talking about your passions, planning the evening and spending a pleasant time with an extremely polite and brilliant girl. An aperitif, a chat, fresh drinks, Dutch food, and all the evening at your disposal to do whatever you want. Simply perfect. In any case, Inessa can dine with you in every restaurant in the city, but her diet prevents her from eating in places like McDonald’s or Burger King. Inessa loves the story a lot, and you can invite her to visit some museums with you, to see the wax replicas of the characters that have marked the history of the world. It will be an exciting afternoon because Inessa loves wearing only sexy miniskirts with high heels. Inessa can visit with you all the places you want in Dubai at the right notice, traveling by taxi or car. Inessa and her hot clit are waiting for you! Do not waste time and book now a luxury room in a prestigious hotel, and Inessa will arrive quickly to bring her sexual charge and her pussy into your room. Maximum privacy, hygiene, and professionalism; Inessa has sex only with the condom, who likes to insert using just her mouth and does not like sex too violent, she is a delicate girl who romantically makes love for a long time under the covers.

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